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Luke Sorenson

Welcome to my online portfolio! Here you'll find some of the stuff I've been dedicating my time to recently. I love taking on challenging problems and hope to make an impact on the world with my work.



Check out some of my public work on Github!

Downtyme available now for iOS and Android.

Downtyme allows you to match schedules and make plans with nearby available friends. It's the fastest, most convenient way to get together in your free time. I cofounded Downtyme Inc. in January 2014. We're now a cross functional team of 9 engineering and business students from three different top tier universities. We were recently backed by Rough Draft Ventures and won the MIT Enterprise Forum's Beantown Throwdown, an inter-collegiate comptetition amongst 9 Boston area startups.

Downtyme on iOS and Android

Mixr top seven finalist at LA Hacks 2014

I created Mixr with John Moore and Timothy Chong at UCLA in 36 hours. The iPhone app is designed to mix up your social circles with your friends. Mixr showcases a new technology we developed at the hackathon using iBeacon and compass information. To reccommend a friend, simply swipe in the direction of someone else. Check it out!

SIM-V Self-Driving Indoor Mapping Vehicle

A final project for EC450 (Microprocessors) at Boston University. I worked with John Moore to build an autonomous vehicle, which navigates hallways taking pictures of its surroundings. We dismantled an RC car and purchased various components to accomplish our goal of an indoor mapping vehicle. Check out the video for an overview of how it works!

Chess and Dots and Boxes

Artifical Intelligence engines for Chess and "Dots and Boxes"

Test your intelligence by playing these two games I coded (in Python) or challenge your friends!

Download Chess (Source Code)
Download Dots and Boxes (Source Code)

Research Gesture-Based Authentication

Today, security systems are more important than ever before. In this research project at Boston University, revocable alternatives to pure biometrics, such as full-motion body gestures are explored. During Summer 2013, I worked under the supervision of Professor Ishwar and Professor Konrad on this project.

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